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Bank of America: Opening Account and Rates

Bank of America is the most popular bank in the United States of America and the banking services are demanded as well. One of the most demanded services of Bank of America is online banking which is available in any spot of The United States. The most developed system of ATM machines that provide customers of Bank of America with online banking and if you open a bank account you are a subject to these services for free. You will not have to pay anything but the opportunities of this highly developed system are really amazing. If you visit any shop, you will be able to pay with it in any place of the United States but if you need a credit card for paying abroad.

There is also certain software which could be installed on your personal computer. The software provides you with an opportunity to make payment online through your personal computer. It is rather popular when you need to pay utility bills especially if you need to transfer a certain sum of money at a certain time. You can make the online system work automatically and you will not have to care for any payment as they will be made automatically and they will be all made on time. Besides, the services associated with checking as well as online bill payments are free of charge and there are no specific requirements as minimum balance.

The online access to your financial asserts and any financial activity is highly secured by the bank and the system developed. If you experience any problem with financial transactions or access to your online banking services, you can always contact the support for solving your problems. The support is available 7 days a week but not 24 hours a day, so you need to know the time schedule of the bank support. But if you can call the support, it will be available any time you call. One of the drawbacks of using online banking services is that you will have to pay the fee for using the ATM of another bank or which is not included into the network of Bank of America affiliate banks.

You will be charged about $2 for each transaction with an ATM machine of other banks and about $5 if you make a withdrawal abroad. As, as a result you will see that the banking services delivered by Bank of America are rather useful and beneficial, and that is the main reason for such a popularity of the online banking services of Bank of America. If you have decided to start a bank account with Bank of America, it is rather easy and if you need to know the rates, it is better to use the web site online and decide the purpose of the account you need to open. Once you have chosen the rates and the needed account, you will be able to open it with several options.

You will be able to open it online, via e-mail or by phone. Among all the mentioned options, you can get an account online with applying for it. Once you have chosen the account you really need, you can open it online. First thing to do is to fill in the application form and to transfer the opening account deposit. You will also need to send identification information and the copies will be enough to get all settled. It takes not so much time to be approved and 24 hours will be enough to get an account settled.